Sassa: Summer and Its Magic

In the summer colors are brighter, flowers bloom and nature is at its best. The active woman is also at her happiest because she can go out and enjoy her favorite sports, swim in the clear beaches, or go out on fun outings with her friends and family.

Sassa’s latest brand ambassador, hot model and sporty celebrity Julia Quisumbing, thrives outdoors. She takes the opportunity to have fun doing the things that she loves, like wakeboarding! She perfectly presents Sassa’s line of clothing for women not only because of her physical attributes but also because of her personality: fun-loving, active, vibrant!

For 2015, Sassa is making a splash with fashion that is inspired by NATURE. It’s all about going back to nature and highlighting raw beauty. Sassa is coming out with outfits for a Tropical Summer, pieces made of high-quality materials and carefully designed to satisfy both function and fashion—the pillars of Sassa’s personality.

In terms of style and design, the 2015 collection merges nature and pop art and a bit of abstraction to create an exciting fusion that will serve as the backdrop to a memorable summer. The collection is for the adventurous, the high-spirited, active, fun-loving and stylish woman.

Summer magically makes things bloom, creates beautiful memories, and inspires people everywhere. Sassa in the summer makes the woman bloom as well, and inspires her to show off her best self while having fun under the sun!